Time and Relative Dimension in Space
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Bigger on the inside

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Store your entire music collection inside the TARDIS! All the songs you love. Move them from your home computers, tablets or phones into the TARDIS or purchase them from our online store. Then launch your mobile or web TARDIS music player enjoying and sharing infinite sounds wherever you go.

Video, Movies and TV

Create, upload and share your favorite videos, or any movies or recorded TV shows you own! The TARDIS allows you to build and access from anywhere infinite personal libraries of image files, video and music making them accessible from your Phone, tablet or computer connected to tardis-box.com. And sharing is easy publicly or only to just the people you want to see them. Invite your friends and family to the TARDIS and they can add their own photos, videos, and comments as well. All your media, anywhere you go.


Upload pictures to the TARDIS BOX or take new ones from inside the TARDIS! Our advanced image editor lets you create great effects you can share.


Upload documents into the TARDIS BOX to share and collaborate, or create new ones. When inside the TARDIS you can create new documents or collaborate and edit old ones.


Protect your privacy and data with a TARDIS BOX key. The TARDIS BOX is the only web service that can store encrypted file data using a snowflake key unique only to you. The TARDIS BOX will create a lock that is easy to use.

Connect, Chat, Listen, Watch and Share Everything
Wherever you are in space and time
The TARDIS BOX makes your files available to you anytime, anywhere and on any device

Tardis Box for the Web

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Share, view, listen
Chat and Share with everyone
Share files from your computer, phone or tablet.
Privacy Matters


With SNOWFLAKE ENCRYPTION your TARDIS BOX will never betray your identity or data. And our policy of 'zero-retention' of unencrypted personal information means if we can’t see what’s in your TARDIS BOX then no one else can1. Any unencrypted data on the internet can be downloaded by hackers and governments, subpoenaed by courts and sold by unscrupulous webmasters. You could disconnect your computer and take your information off the web. You could also use a horse and buggy, lose the phone, tablet and desktop. Or you can set your TARDIS BOX to SNOWFLAKE ENCRYPT only.


The TARDIS Box passphrase is the second level security key in the SNOWFLAKE ENCRYPTION process that keeps your TARDIS BOX files accessible only to you. Created by you and known only to you, the TARDIS snowflake is used in combination with standard security tools. The TARDIS BOX passphrase allows the TARDIS to create a unique encryption code for each user during file uploading and downloading, or when opening and editing files. The TARDIS BOX does not attempt to store your passphrase and then later match it, as other websites will. Instead, the TARDIS BOX builds the lock to fit your key and then returns the key to you.


The Tardis Box takes your data security to a new QUANTUM level with our proprietary encryption technology, Snowflake. Your files are first uniquely encrypted during the upload process, and opens only when you provide the key to download, open, read, review, and share.

1 Well if you are really important, then maybe the U.S. government’s NSA, the Russian FSB, Chinese State Security and North Koreans will try

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